Intermedial Telepresence Stations is a project that was funded by the Research Office of the University of Cuenca by 2013. Its main objective was to create a communication node to develop telepresence actions while exploring the use of technology as part of an interdisciplinary process.

The project seeks the expansion of the senses to other spaces and subjects by making use of the interactive capacity of electronic technologies. The team developed several actions/artworks using microcontrollers and sensors, among other devices, to communicate several locations and also to interact with the audience and performers.

Team: René Martínez, José Úrgiles, Galo Carrión, Blasco Moscoso, Daniel López, Laura Rodríguez, Intact Cibercultura (Sara Malinarich y Manuel Terán)


media: Processing + p5js

dimensions: various

year: 2013 – 2015


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